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About WellSpring SC


How We Started

Only God can write a story like ours.  In the course of events one would imagine that it began one afternoon with a prayer that came out of nowhere.  But then as you look back over the year and understand that way back in the beginning of the year feeling called to an extended fast.  You also realize it didn’t really start there. Nor did it start years before that when asking God,,, “could I love you like that?”  That’s why it’s easier to just say “God only knows”!

Madonna Hines, Christine Hall and myself (Susan High) were clueless that God had a plan for us as we headed to Atlanta in 2003.  It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve alongside these ladies and the other women and men who have served the ministry of Wellspring SC since our small beginnings.

We can trace events that started our knowledge of the journey to January 2003 and there is no doubt that the Lord was setting me up to get me to where “we” needed to go.  I say “we” because I know it was never meant to be a solo journey.

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In January 2003 when Beth Moore tickets for her September event in Atlanta sold out so quickly that we missed a chance to get tickets.  In February I felt very led to a 40 day fast and realized later that was part of the preparation too.   Thankfully, the fast only lasted for 21 days and it was the easiest fast I have ever participated in. I think the Lord just wanted to know how willing I was to say “yes” before the really big question came.  In late July, I was driving and without any forethought, suddenly realized I was crying and praying for women who worked in strip clubs. I asked the Lord, "Where did that come from and what was that about?"  But He offered  no reply.  When September 20th arrived, only three days before the Beth Moore event I received a phone call asking if I knew anyone who needed three tickets. Yes, yes I did!  After a few phone calls, Christine, Madonna and I made plans and made our way to Atlanta.  On Saturday morning, the Lord began to reveal the plans He had for me, for us.


That was the day of our “small beginnings”.

During the worship portion of the morning, a group of ladies connected with Wellspring Living in Atlanta came out and did a creative dance routine to “Shackles”.  After they completed their dance, Beth Moore came back out and offered an invitation to accept Christ as Lord and Savior to anyone in the audience.  As the women who said “yes” moved forward, Beth asked us to remain in a spirit of worship as she took them backstage and talked about what it meant to accept Christ.  Madonna and Christine decided to walk to the book tables while I remained in the arena.  I should stop here and say that at this point I knew one person who lived in Atlanta.  As I sat and looked around at the full arena, holding 20,000, there sat a friend formerly from Wellford. Their family had moved to Atlanta a while back and  I went over to speak to Brenda; in conversation I asked if they had found a church home.  She excitedly said they had and she was her church’s representative to Wellspring Living.  All I knew was that the ladies who danced were from Wellspring Living. So I asked Brenda if her church was going to start a dance ministry.  That’s when the dots started to connect… “Oh no, the ladies that danced on stage used to dance in STRIP CLUBS and now they are dancing for Jesus.”  I started to cry, and returned to my seat, stunned to say the least.  Now the prayer made sense.  As I sat I told the LORD that if that was what the prayer was about in my car in July, if that’s why He gave me the tickets and those particular seats, I would say yes. Clueless as to what that would look like, I offered what I had, which wasn’t much.  


Two hands. Two feet. A willing heart.   

It was a few years later when I reached out to Brenda to let her know the rest of the story… His story, still being written.

In the beginning I was sure that what we would do in Spartanburg would mirror the Wellspring Living ministry in Atlanta built as a residential program.  In the meantime, the Lord began to lay out His plan for what our SC ministry would look like.  He whispered three things to us as we waited on His guidance to begin…   

1 – “You will not look like the Atlanta ministry”

2 – “Their healing will come quickly.”

3 – “Your job is not to heal them, it is to simply bring them to Me.”


You have to love Him for being true to His WORD.

Because it turned out exactly like He said that it would!

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"A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken." - Ecclesiastes 4:12


Serving With Faith

Board of Directors

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Bo Butler - Board Chair

I was born and raised in Blue Ridge, South Carolina. My wife, Gwen, & I find it a pleasure to worship the Lord with Lake Bowen Baptist Church along with my 3 wonderful children. I have served in full-time children’s & student ministries over a span of 12 years in Spartanburg area churches. Interspersed since 2001 I have also taught high school sciences & coached a few sports. 


I have obtained a Masters degree in Christian Ministry & a Masters in Applied Learning & Instruction. I seek to love God & love others above all else. Matt 22:37-39

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Cindy Denhard - Secretary / Treasurer

Cynthia was born and raised in Detroit and thanks God each day for the parents that were chosen for her and the life lessons and value system she learned. After college, she began her career with General

Motors and considers herself blessed to have worked with so many wonderful people, all who intentionally or unintentionally, also imparted valuable lessons about work, how to work, how to live, and how to give.

Now retired, she has relocated to South Carolina, is a member of Our Risen Savior Catholic Church and considers it a privilege to serve the Wellspring SC Ministry. She believes that one of the keys to happiness in life is recognizing your blessings and not focusing on the negative. Inspiration is everywhere if your heart and hands are open.

“Love one another as I love you” JN 15:12

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Toria Dixon

Hello to all. I am happy to serve on the Board of Wellspring! I have enjoyed Wellspring through all its seasons so far. First as a customer, then volunteer and then as a board member. Now I happily wear all three Wellspring hats! 


I am a wife and mother to two grown children and we have one wonderful little grandson!


I am an active member of Philadelphia Baptist Church and enjoy studying the Word in various capacities, playing pickle-ball and being around family and friends.


It is an honor to serve Wellspring. 

Ephesians 2:8-10

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Rob Nelson

Rob is the founder and director of GracePointe Ministries. Rob and, his wife of 42 years, Rosemary, have been involved in ministry to children and families for over 30 years. For 19 years they operated a long-term residential home for youth through the Winshape Homes program with Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, Inc. They continue their ministry to 18 of their grown children and families of the 40+ they served over that period. This ministry fueled their passion to establish GracePointe in 2008. GracePointe serves first, to provide Biblical Counsel and Support Services to Children, Youth, and Families in Crisis. Secondly, in an effort to maximize the provision of healthy resources to those at risk, GracePointe is greatly committed to providing Support Services to those who minister to them. In 2014 Rob began a partnership with the South Carolina Christian Foundation where he leads their Ministry to Ministers Initiative, serving as a Soul Care Provider to over 150 ministry leaders in the Upstate and beyond.

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Marie Brewer

I am originally from Goose Creek,SC (near Charleston). While growing up I played softball, basketball, soccer and ran cross country. I was very active in our youth group at First Baptist Church of Goose Creek. It was there that I fell in love with mission trips. Our youth choir performed musicals, dramas and then we would lead backyard bible studies. I then went on to North Greenville College (now university) on softball, basketball and soccer scholarships. I major in Christian Studies. After I graduated I came back and started the men and women's cross country teams and was assistant softball coach. In February of 2001 I went to the criminal justice academy. I started in Spartanburg County for the SC Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services. I was the SORT tram, worked many deployments and was  Deputized on the US Marshal task force. Then in August of 2008 I went to Greer PD, where I was awarded 2009 Rookie of the year, 2011 Officer of the year, was on the ERT team and was awarded the Medal of Valor. I was a detective,  road officer, jailer, and processed forensics. In 2013 I went back to Probation in Greenville County. There I managed the sex offender caseloads. I was promoted to team leader in Spartanburg County in January of 2017. There I assisted in developing the Domestic Violence initiative with the 7th circuit Solicitor's Office called "Home Front ". In October of 2018 I went to Cherokee County probation to start a Domestic Violence Caseload and implement "Home Front." In 2021 I worked for the Greenville County Sheriff's Offices as a Deputy at Family Court and General Sessions Court. In 2022 I came back to Probation in Cherokee County and worked the Domestic Violence caseload. I have since then become a Release Examiner. I have now been in Law Enforcement for 23 years.


I am actively involved in missions and leading worship on our missions trips. I have had the honor of being on the board for Wellspring since we started. It is a ministry that is very near and dear to my heart. It has been a blessing to see what God has done over the years and how our ministry has evolved. 


Our Wellspring Treasures Thrift Store volunteers are truly the backbone of what Wellspring SC is able to do at The Wellhouse as well as what we are able to do in and around the community.  Many of our volunteers have been with us since we first opened in 2010 and others have joined us at various seasons in their lives.  We have loved and appreciated each and everyone who has helped us along the way. 


Our motto at the front of the store reads, We serve at the pleasure of our King, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Serving Jesus always looks a little different than we sometimes think. At Wellspring Treasures, it often includes  washing or steaming the garments, cleaning housewares and exploring the many treasures that come through in countless boxes and bags that arrive daily.

Other days serving Jesus looks more like you think it would as you see our volunteers praying with our shoppers, and hearing Bible studies being taught in the Chicken Coop.


The volunteer team is not only a blessing to us, but to all those who shop and donate to the ministry.  


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the form on the contact page or stop by the store to get started!

Serving With Heart

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